Promotion Details For Authors & Artists

I do not accept art and literature that are sexually and/or violently graphic or explicit. If sex scenes, sexual abuse, gory violence (mutilation, torture, etc.) is the main selling point of the story or composition, then this channel is not the platform for your work.

Literary works must be well-edited with a professional-style cover. Self-editing does not count as well-edited.


*Submission does not guarantee a feature. You will be informed if your work will be featured ahead of time.

**If your sales page has no secure checkout options, it will not be featured. Unless your priority is exposure, then disregard the previous note.**

Accepted Genres: Children's books, juvenile and young adult fiction, historical fiction, clean romance, mystery, thriller & suspense, fantasy, dystopian, science fiction, action & adventure, poetry, literary fiction, short story, non-fiction humor, graphic novels, manga, animè, and photo books.




Authors, pitch your book beginning with an attention-grabbing hook and a short, concise description of your work. I will read it to viewers to tell readers why they should care about your book. Include three interesting facts about yourself or your work along with a good quality image of yourself and of your book cover. Or feel free to send me a two-minute video of yourself presenting your work to viewers.

Artists, include an image file of your piece or just the highlights of your work (7 images max) if promoting a collection, a brief description for your inspiration for the piece or collection, three interesting facts about yourself, and a good quality image of yourself.

For further questions, contact me via email to ensure your questions are seen and answered in a timely fashion. Or feel free to send me a two-minute video of yourself presenting your work to viewers.


Copy, paste and provide the following details in your email.


Project Title:   ____________________________________


Artist or author name:____________________________________


Target audience, genre/art style: _________________________________

Book Pitch or Description/ Inspiration for Artwork: __________________________________________________________________________




Three Unique Facts About Yourself: ____________________________________________



Links to your website, social media, and sales page: __________________________


Send your email with the above information to