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The Story

Seventeen-year-old Joy Luminieé knows what it is like to live in chaos. Raised by an abusive father and an eccentric and neglectful mother, she is still grappling with the consequences of her childhood.


But when Joy’s friend Giovanni finds himself the target of his parents’ blackmailer, she is faced with the choice to delve into more chaos or potentially lose Giovanni forever.


Find out if Joy’s strength is enough to avoid more heartache in the YA romantic suspense novel, Broken Hearts of Queens.

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What People Are Saying

Real review from Natasha Woodridge, editor of The Upward Spiral magazine:


"A captivating YA debut that will have you laughing, crying and leave you in a state of wonder, Broken Hearts of Queens has taken young adult contemporary fiction to a complex yet relatable space and, in doing so, has created a sense of comfort for the reader while simultaneously keeping you on the edge of your seat.

Set in a decrepit apartment block in a borough of Queens, New York, you will get swept away into the life of Joy, a determined, scrappy, and quirky teen who has overcome all types of heartbreak and pain. Coming from a chaotic home, Joy mirrors her name and leaves the reader with a sense of hope in the tumultuous world in which she inhabits.

With a delusional mother and a drug-addicted father, Joy has done everything in her power to keep him out of their lives, but he is back; leaving turmoil in his wake. Joy’s whimsical nature, coupled with the stark reality she faces, leaves the reader wanting more, beckoning you to turn the page so that you might find an answer the young adult inside of you has been seeking for years. It's thrilling at its core.


Joy has to deal with the trials and tribulations of growing up, high-school bullies, and a budding romance, all the while dealing with the potential return of her father. Both ominous and deliciously dramatic, this novel ticks all the boxes you are looking for in the YA category.


Broken Hearts of Queens seamlessly combines genres of suspense, tragedy, and romance, all set against the backdrop of high-school life, creating a comical relief for the traumatic situations in which Joy finds herself in.


Broken Hearts of Queens is a must-add to your holiday-reading list. Be prepared to be thrown into the deep-end of Joy’s chaotic world—full of secrets, love, and heaps of character."