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Indie author Jalynn Gray-Wells grew up between two cultures—white American and black American—in a blended family along the outskirts of Camden, New Jersey. She is the second to the youngest of seven interesting children: four girls and three boys.

From the age of nine, Gray-Wells has adored reading and writing. She started her own club of bloody alien comics that earned her instant popularity with the boys in her third-grade class. Her hobby has only since taken a professional turn five years ago with an unpolished novel. The story is about a hairdresser forced to go on the run from her psychopathic brother intent on capturing her for his own twisted amusement. After The Broken Series is completed and published, Gray -Wells plans to release that first novel, Georgia on the Run, to the world.

Her latest work, Broken Hearts of Queens, the first in a series, showcases an in-depth glimpse of what it takes to survive oneself and the haunting effects of childhood trauma. Gray-Wells also writes creative pieces and travel articles for her blog, Happy Travels, Darling.

Literary Loves

For Gray-Wells, classical works of fiction, thrillers, and contemporary fiction are equally as exciting as a vacation, and even better when on vacation. Wuthering Heights, a book Gray-Wells read on her second family trip to the U.K. as a teenager, has a special place in her heart. The Bronte sisters continually inspire Gray-Wells, especially since her last U.K. visit to the town where they lived and prematurely died.

Other author inspirations include G. J. Walker Smith, Judy Blume, Julie Moffett, and Estelle Ryan, to name a few. Gray-Wells is currently devouring Erika Sanchez's "I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter".

More Facts

Today, Gray-Wells resides in the countryside of western North Carolina. Formerly self-employed as a licensed cosmetologist in a local salon, where the regular inspiration for her characters and life situations abounded, Gray-Wells counts it a blessing to now write full-time. Her husband, family, neighbors, and the random strangers she encounters day-to-day inspire the growing cast of colorful characters and plots in her upcoming books.

Gray-Wells is a great hobbyist. Apart from cooking cultural cuisines, painting, drawing, dancing, and dabbling in photography, she is obsessed with world travel. However, given the current circumstances, she can only travel via YouTubers such as Kylie Flavell, Gray-Wells' latest fave, until she is free to embark on her own romantic overseas adventure with her husband of fifteen years.

She loves milk chocolate, lavender earl grey tea, and classic film noir.


Movie Delights:

Gray-Wells' favorite actors from film noir are Edward G. Robinson, Gregory Peck, Gene Tierney,  Vivien Leigh, Audrey Hepburn, and Betty Davis. Her top classic movie picks are Too Young to Kiss, starring June Allyson; the 1962 classic Rome Adventure, starring Suzanne Pleshette; and Laura, starring Gene Tierney.

Her modern faves include Australia (starring Nicole Kidman), Little Women (starring Saoirse Ronan), and Mr. Church (starring Eddie Murphy).

Musical Delights:

Gray-Wells rotates Europop, electronica, R&B, triphop, indie rock, contemporary classical, and neo-soul music on her playlist regularly.​ Her favorite artists are H.E.R., Lianne la Havas, Harry Styles, Poliça, Max Richter, One Republic, Gabrielle Aplin, Kimbra, Jorja Smith, and Yeah Yeah Yeahs, to name a few.


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