Hello. I’m Jalynn Gray-Wells, the author of Broken Hearts of Queens from The Lost in Love Series.

My first YA novel set against the lively streets of Queens, NY tells the story of Joy, a seventeen-year-old trying to protect the few people in her life from threats both within and outside of her own family while toeing the line of insanity. (Click the link on Joy's name to read her character interview.)

If you enjoy stories about young, strong-willed women, romance, danger, and off-the-beaten-path glimpses of city life, then this series is definitely for you. Scroll down further for the book summary and my first YouTube videos.

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Love always wins...but at what cost?

Joy Luminieé, a scrappy teen from Queens, NY, can barely hold together her own sanity. But with having to babysit her lovesick mother, who is still pining away for her abusive husband, the last thing Joy expects is her best friend, Giovanni, needing help with his seemingly perfect family.

When his parents resist their blackmailer's schemes, Giovanni learns that his own safety is now under threat. Desperate to protect him from danger, Joy takes matters into her own hands and uncovers secrets with the potential to shatter the illusion of his parents’ innocence.


But will Joy's sense of duty to her own family interfere with her mission to help Giovanni's? Or will the tides rise and force her to choose?

Find out in Broken Hearts of Queens, a romantic suspense YA novel.

Now available in electronic and print formats on Amazon.com, Applebooks, and on the Shop page on this site. Subscribe for updates.

*Disclaimer: This book contains the death of an animal and portrays post-traumatic stress syndrome along with other mental health issues and may be upsetting to some individuals. **


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I am a Jersey girl living in North Carolina, who has been writing and storytelling since third-grade. I adore chocolate, art, world travel, and psychology.

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